REIAL JAZZ and the celebration of good ideas!

We love to celebrate good ideas at The Foundery, so why not do it to the rhythm of jazz? The Foundery is where founders are born and their projects are conceived. And the vision of our Reial Jazz Series was just that: to celebrate great ideas in a great space.

Reial Jazz is a cycle of six concerts, from July to October, co-organized by Upstairs BCN, a cultural and community activation platform of Barcelona's private rooftops; and The Foundery, a curated membership community for international entrepreneurs, creative souls, digital professionals, and innovators.

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The impact of Blockchain

In the last few years Blockchain gained massive interest among technologists, risky-visionaries and futuristic world builders. As the cryptocurrency market attracts more and more investors and ICOs are raising millions of dollars at high velocity, the increasing number of players and early adopters put blockchain in the spotlight as the disruptive technology ready to make a real impact in the world.

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