The 9th EURECA Workshop at The Foundery Barcelona

Interested to know more about realising benefits from energy-saving and environmental data centre best practices? Curious about examples, tools and solutions that contribute to successful Public Sector innovation procurement? Then, join the upcoming EURECA Barcelona Event on the 9th and 10th of May (free of charge)!

EURECA: taking procurement of and data centre sustainability to an improved and next higher level, creating awareness, help realize actual savings and provides tools for improving public procurement of IT infrastructure.

The program includes keynote presentations from thought leaders like:

-       Arnau Queralt, Government of Catalonia;

-       Xavier Puig, CIO - Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Transparency & Open Government, Government of Catalonia;

-       Barry Lowry, Government CIO, Department of Public Expenditure and Reform, Government of Northern Ireland;

-       Enric Pages, ATOS;

-       Daniel Marco, Director, Smart Catalonia, The Government of Catalonia;

-       Eduard Oro, IREC, Barcelona.

Other contributions are planned from the partners of the EURECA consortium, like Esther van Bergen, Dr. Marc-Andree Wolf, John Booth, Mark Acton, Dr. Rabih Bashroush and Frank Verhagen.

There will be presentations, training and panel sessions. It will be a lively and interactive exchange of thoughts, crossover discussions on new ideas!

Venue: The Foundery Lounge, Plaça Reial 18, Barcelona, Spain.