The impact of Blockchain

In the last few years Blockchain gained massive interest among technologists, risky-visionaries and futuristic world builders. As the cryptocurrency market attracts more and more investors and ICOs are raising millions of dollars at high velocity, the increasing number of players and early adopters put blockchain in the spotlight as the disruptive technology ready to make a real impact in the world.

On May 30th, Robert Haastrup-Timmi and Gonzalo Cuatrecasas will share their vision on blockchain and its future applications.


   1. Reorganizing the world
   2. From centralized to decentralized
   3. Business, Consumer and Industry Use cases
   4. The ICO opportunity
   5. Tokenization of everything
   6. Empowering the people
   7. Dangers, corrections and moderation
   8. Blockchain Company
   9. Q&A Session

The event is free of charge and open to all. Our capacity is limited to 40 attendees. 

Laura FornellComment